Pewaukee Lake

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The nearly 2500 acres and 45 foot depth makes Pewaukee Lake a virtual mecca for metropolitan muskie anglers. Looming in the shadows of Milwaukee and its surrounding communities, Pewaukee's fertile waters and abundant forage base is home to a muskie fishery that sports great numbers and big fish.

Muskies haven't always called Pewaukee Lake home. In the mid 1960's, muskies were first introduced into these waters. The early hybrid muskie stockings were gradually phased out and pure muskies are now planted.

In spring, the primary location for finding muskies is on the eastern lake basin shallow flats where the early growing weeds and its warming water temperatures attract toothy predators. Muskies at this time can also be found on the rock point that bisects the lake, and straight across on the weed point that its proximity to deeper water makes it a year round producer. Bucktails with brass, chartreuse and orange blades work well in Pewaukee's murky waters. Gliding and pull style jerk baits work well all season long, with spring being your best chance to score on a top water bait. Shallow running crank baits take the nod in spring, shifting to a deep diving crank bait in the summer and fall.

As the season progresses into summer, many anglers find themselves primarily fishing the low light hours of morning, evening and at night. Summers heightened boating traffic forces the muskies on Pewaukee to feed primarily at night; however, mid-day trolling in the deeper waters of the western basin can produce numbers and trophies. Larger bucktails and jerk baits are the shallow water presentation of choice while big lipped crank baits take the deeper suspending muskies.

In fall, the western basin stays hot for contacting muskies. Concentrate your efforts on the few remaining patches of deep weeds and on steep breaks, Weighted jerk baits in a sucker pattern and large 8" to 10" crank baits are the weapons of choice. Large suckers on a quick strike rig, fished deep can produce big in the fall on Pewaukee Lake.

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