At the confluence of the Tomahawk, Somo and Wisconsin rivers is the flowage known as Lake Mohawksin. With its 1910 acres and 25 foot depth, Lake Mohawksin is fisherman's paradise. Trophy fish of walleye, pike, smallmouth bass, crappie and muskie all can be had in its waters.

In early spring, Lake Mohawksin waters and the Wisconsin River feeding it, is busy with fishermen who flock from all over the state to ish its abundant walleye population. When the muskie season opens, fishermen of a different kind gather to fish Mohawksin, to do battle with the king of the freshwater game fish. The majority of the muskie anglers on Mohawksin are from the surrounding area, but for the muskie chasers that find out about it, muskie fishing opportunities are well rewarded when they travel to fish its waters.

Lake Mohawksin offers the muskie angler several options in fishing locations and especially fishing in the spring can prove to be productive. Spring locations range from the feeder creeks leading into the rivers, the mouth of the creeks, weedy bays and points adjacent to them and the expansive shallow weed flats that warm up early in the stained waters. Fluorescent and perch colored jerk baits and crank baits work well here throughout the season. Nickel and fluorescent colored spinners on bucktails often is the ticket on these spring muskies. The stained waters on Mohawksin warm quickly and top water baits should be an option for every muskie hunter. Black is a great topwater color but when the baby ducks show up, switch over to a yellow topwater lure and be ready to tie into a real hawg!

In summer, look for the muskies to transition to the many rock humps scattered throughout the lake; also fish the saddle found between the many islands, especially when the wind is pushing water through the constricting area. Muskies are locating at this time on mainland points and island points, best when the weather is stable. Muskies can be hanging out on the river where points, bends or blowdowns that obstruct the flow of the water, creating on eddy. Weeds on the river and on the main lake are always holding muskies, so don't overlook those areas. Bucktail selections change now to a brass or fluorescent blade.

In the fall, muskie action can be fast and furious on Lake Mohawksin. Multiple fish days are the norm now, not the exception. Big jerk baits and crank baits in a sucker pattern, in combination with quick strike-rigged live suckers is often just the ticket to score on the real monsters that reside in Lake Mohawksin.

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